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Franchisee Overview

  • You're Role

Your role is that of infrastructure provider i.e. land and building is owned by you. The building is built as per our specifications in phases, in step with the growth of the school.

  • Role of LogicPro Group

Runs and manages the school end-to-end, right from positioning, to branding/marketing, staff recruitment, teacher training, launch of school, admissions, day to day operations, day-to-day repairs, maintenance and renewals of licenses.

  • Investments

All investments into movables are done by “Franchisees” including furniture, labs, library, sports equipments, play equipments, ICT, computers, office set up etc.

  • Financial Returns

The commercials are arranged in a way that the school gets a ‘Revenue Share’, i.e., a percentage of the total revenue collection. If the school makes a loss, it is absorbed by BIS. Thus, you are isolated from all operational risks.

  • Space

For Learning or, Study center you need to have Min 2000 Sq ft with minimum 4 rooms , Office and other Utilities. However , we strongly recommend to start full furnished study center.

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